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Unicorn Cafe September 2017 Update


As I write this newsletter introduction in August, I notice that it is a beautiful spring day. I was able to drink my morning coffee whilst sitting in the garden and the pets enjoyed the break of dawn with me on the garden bench. It was a special moment to be in the now and enjoy the present.Technically we acknowledge the first day of spring on the 1st of September but by noticing the landscape and wildlife around us we can see spring is blooming and breeding is underway.

Your gardens, like ours, may be responding already by gifting brilliant bursts of colour in the form of flowers, new growth on hibernating trees and perhaps you have a few nests around with some flying lodgers.

I wonder if it’s just me or whether many other people think winter seemed to dash past without stopping for a deep conversation. I expected more rain and I fear the current drought may require even better water management skills to be implemented.

Our past newsletters have had a heavy focus on water management and will continue to do so during the ongoing drought however for this spring edition, we will focus mainly on the garden as this is a busy time for those that find food, sanctuary and healing therapy in plants. Our blog section on our website has all the old articles and you can find an article on recycling grey water,and collecting rainwater in the links provided.

We are adding more and more products to our online store. Since our last newsletter, we have added salt lamps, plant based meat alternatives like turkey rolls, bacon, pastrami, biltong, salami, pepperoni, spare ribs and steak. We also added a range of seitan products including herb roast rolls, garlic bites, and red pepper and black sesame seed rolls. We are also very excited to have added all the vegan options that Pesto Princess has to offer.

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