Unicorn Cafe is now being shut down as a company.
There are a few T-Shirts at R10 each and recipe books at R25 each left.
I also have Kala Namak/Black Salt for R10 a container.
Vermicast is still available at R150 a bag.
Items may be for collection in Cape Town only as our courier account will be shut down once final orders are delivered.
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There is no other stock available.
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Tip2Clean Card


This Tip2Clean Card is our innovative approach to helping those seeking assistance on the street and preventing plastic pollution.

This works when the giver drives the same route every day and sees the same less fortunate person on a regular basis.

The giver gives the card to the person seeking a handout.

If the giver sees the less fortunate person again the next day and sees the area has been cleaned, then the giver rewards this person by giving them a tip.



This card allows you to assist those seeking a handout at robots or on the side of the road with a reward system.

This small brown biodegradable card has many functions

1. It promises to assist the person seeking money

2. It encourages the person seeking assistance to earn the money, they are seeking.

3.  When the person seeking assistance cleans up litter and plastic pollution and the giver sees them again (usually the same time, the following day), the giver rewards the good deed by giving a tip. The less fortunate should clean an area with a 20 meter radius from the location they are seeking assistance.

4. This act of kindness from both the giver and the receiver leaves an uplifting feeling on all sides. When this works, this bond elevates people, the environment, our country, attitude and encourages better solutions.


Unfortunately many have experienced that by just giving money can create a negative perspective as well as create litter in the places where less fortunate people are found seeking assistance. This card gives a solution to this issue.


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