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Non GMO Soy Mince


With soya, we find ourselves between complete paradigm shifts: GM soya.. OR non GM/ organic soya. The polarisation could not be bigger. Genetically modified soya isolates are anti foods harmful to your health. They mess up your hormones, cause early fertility in girls and feminisation in boys and men. The GM ingredients keep being active in your and your children’s digestive system causing immune derailments.. For a comprehensive discussion go to and listen to the 3/4 hr podcast. Do go right through ’til the end as the hopeful message will also be spelled out..

HEALTHY soya is non GM, organic where possible (‘organic’ is a good indicator of non-GM!) and eaten with sea vegetables and some fermented soyafoods such as miso soya sauce. The latter counters the phytates which can make soya a little hard to digest. In fact, this is how Japanese have enjoyed soya for thousands of years. A regular and moderate consumption of soya of approximately 3x a week is recommended for all ages.

Soya Mince, also know as Textured Vegetable Protein, are made from soya flour. Dry they have 50% protein and when rehydrated (e.g cooked) in a ratio of 1:2 protein content is 16%, same as meat (from whatever will fly, run, slither and swim away from you and has a mother and a father and eyes..). It will make very nice Sauce Bolognese to go on pasta. See if you can fool the non vegetarian – s/he’ll think it’s meaty!!

Check this for a very nice investigation of the soya debate; definitely a touch of conspiracy in the air!

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