Oscar Juicer DA1000 Black


Ultem tough auger

Ultem tough juicing and mincing screen

Pulp adjusting knob

20 year waaranty on the motor and gearbox

5 year warranty on processing parts (front end)

Ultem is an extremely strong poly resin and food grade material


The Oscar Juicer DA1000
The Oscar Juicer DA1000 model is manufactured by the original Oscar Juicer designers. It is made with Ultem Tough parts, has an elegant Euro design, retractable carry handle and comes in a choice of 2 colours. So what else makes this Oscar different from the DA900…it now offers a pulp adjusting knob and produces between 3-5% more juice than the DA900!

The pulp adjusting knob which is usually only available on more expensive twin gear machines puts you in control of the pressure exerted by the machine when crushing and squeezing the cellulose wall of your fruit and vegetables ensuring the maximum release of enzymes and nutrients.

The Oscar is more than just a juicer…it is an essential raw food kitchen! And now comes with even stronger more reliable parts. The juice from the Oscar Juicer DA1000 is totally different from the common centrifugal juicer found in superstores. Operating almost noiselessly at only between 63 and 75 rpm, it crushes and squeezes the juice out of the fruit, vegetable or grass; it can even juice pine needles, known as cold extraction juice, this juice is acknowledged in international health circles to be the best quality and therefore the 1st choice for healing and maintenance of health.

Like its international award winning ‘sister’ the Oscar DA900, it is a 3 stage single auger stone mill-type juicer designed to extract the liquid contents (and some pulp if desired) from a large variety of fruits, vegetables, greens and grasses.The DA1000 includes an adjustment nozzle to control the pressure you want to apply to your fruit and vegetables, continuously juicing while the pulp is expelled from the front of the juicer. With no clogging, very minimal noise and easy cleaning you get a fantastically healthy juice packed with living enzymes for vitality – you will definitely notice the difference in the taste of this living juice!

In addition to its superb juicing abilities the Oscar Juicer DA1000 can do a lot of multi-tasking making it exceptional.


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