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There are a few T-Shirts at R10 each and recipe books at R25 each left.
I also have Kala Namak/Black Salt for R10 a container.
Vermicast is still available at R150 a bag.
Items may be for collection in Cape Town only as our courier account will be shut down once final orders are delivered.
Email aimeehoppe@gmail.com if you would like to purchase T-Shirts; salt; recipe books or vermicast.
There is no other stock available.
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Kala Namak Salt



Kala Namak salt also known as black salt or bire noon is a type of rock salt and is mostly found in the Himalayas.  This salt adds an egg flavour to savoury dishes and is popular with vegans. It contains greigite (Fe3S4, Iron(II,III) sulfide) and as a result, forms brownish pink to dark violet translucent crystals when whole. When ground, it’s colour ranges from purple to pink.

Kala namak has been praised in Ayurveda and used for its perceived medical qualities.

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