Can I place items on backorder?

Yes! You can place items on backorder, please note that delivery can take up to 3 weeks

Do you do International Deliveries?

Delivery for international purchases can take up to 2 months depending on delivery method.

What is the delivery turnaround time?

Unicorn Cafe keeps stock of all popular items. If we have stock, your order will be dispatched the following Monday. If Unicorn Cafe needs to order in, delivery can take 3 weeks.

Until Unicorn Cafe can afford to rent premises and cover monthly associated overheads like utilities and staff costs, our income is supplemented by other work which keeps us busy, Tuesday to Friday. Please be patient with us as we are doing our best to keep this magical business afloat and meet our financial demands. With your continued support, Unicorn Cafe will improve on it’s service delivery as our sales increase.