What We Supply

Unicorn Café is the official supplier of Beauty Without Cruelty merchandise. We also supply delicious plant based food, clothing, toiletries, household products, books and environmentally alternatives for daily living.

Unicorn Café not only caters for the plant based market but also for foodies and chefs looking for speciality products.

We ethically source our products and ensure that they do not contain any animal derived ingredients. We also ensure our products have not been tested on animals.

Specialities include Smoked V-salmon pieces, Portobello Road Biltong, Liquid Smoke in Hickory and Beech Flavours and Coconut Vinegar.  If we don`t stock what you are looking for, do let us know. We will endeavour to source it for you, if possible.

We Are More Than Just An Online Shop

Whether you are a long-time vegan or someone making the transition to plant based food, we are here to make shopping and meal planning as easy as possible for you. Rest assured, we do all the homework to ensure we are conducting business as ethically as possible so you can focus on enjoying the product.

We aim to limit waste in every area with zero waste being our chief goal. Our packaging choices are environmentally conscious and are either reusable or compostable, where possible. We compost, recycle and reuse.