Two trees of the same species, planted at the same time, no more than 10 meters from one another.One has been treated with vermicast for the period of less than one year.


If you have been following our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you probably have seen the excellent results we are getting from using vermicast.

Vermicast is a soil conditioner but it is not compost and it is not synthetic like salt based fertilizers which destroy soil over time. Vermicast is earthworm droppings or, as we call it, castings. It is ideal to use when germinating seeds in the ground and it makes a wonderful adhesive for laying lawns. It has many uses but what we love about it the most, is that it is gentle yet powerful. We would compare it to Unicorn droppings, it is really that magical!

If you shop around, you will find that our price of R130 for a 25dcm is the best price you will get. Don’t gamble with your seeds, and order some today while it’s still growing season.



Vermicast available from Unicorn Cafe

Written by Aimee Hoppe