Always carry a container. You want one that does not contain any endocrine disrupting chemicals and you probably want to stay away from most plastics. Sealable silicone pouches have hit the market and you can also get glass conatiners with sealable lids made with safe plastic. These are convenient if your food needs to stay chilled or reheated. I know a rhyme that helps me avoid toxic plastic packaging. Twelve forty-five, stay alive. Three six seven, straight to heaven. This reminds me to stick with plastic types, one, two, four and five. One and two seem to be the safest overall.

You will be surprised how this simple change can avoid so much trash! When you are eating at a restaurant and you need a doggy bag, you will be glad to have your own container and avoid the nasty chemicals in the styrofoam containers issued. The same applies when you want to get take aways. Ask the person at the till to use your container for packing the food.

When you visit the deli or your local store, you can also ask the assistant to use your container. Saving time by not having to ecobrick pannets, cling wrap and other plastic packaging is bliss. The more you persevere, the easier it gets.

Plus, when you attend a dinner party or buffet and your host pleads with the guests to take home leftovers because there are so much….Ta Dah! You have your handy container on the ready! Man! I love leftovers the next day especially when they come from a party that can sometimes leave you feeling exhausted.

You can make a little zero waste pack and keep it in your car or backpack. Inside you can keep your reusable bags, a reusable straw and knife, fork and spoon, a cotton napkin, a coffee mug with a silicone sealable lid, a glass water bottle, and a small ecobrick with a mini stick.

Make a little check list and stick it somewhere where you will see it everyday. As you plan your day, you will get into the habit of anticipating what you will need and pack accordingly.

You can do it! Your actions will save miles of landfill space and less chance of posioning of wildlife but you also inspire and motivate others. You may not get praise and some may give you a funny look but they are watching and they are noticing and they will get it.

Written by Aimee Hoppe