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Help Me Bring Unicorn Cafe to Life

I have been a passionate activist for the environment for as long as I can remember. My first trained profession was accounting and I would be lying if I said my job was a fulfilling one. Almost everyday, I was frustrated that I was not doing enough for our environment.


I would read about the devastating effects of deforestation, commercial agriculture, pollution and I felt overwhelmed. Most of all, I felt helpless at my desk while producing management accounts for board members. I knew my passion and skills were being wasted and I wanted to do more with my life.

I came to the conclusion that in order to find happiness, I would need to start a business on my own terms. Terms that respect the laws of nature and a happy working environment.


Unicorn Cafe was born as an online shop and educational blog. I knew starting a business was no easy feat and that it requires dedication, commitment, perserverence and persistence. Luckily, I have all these things and I believe in my business so much that I will never give up. It is my baby, that has germinated from a place of hope and inspiration.


What I did not have was capital and so I had to grow it organically whilst still working a full time job. So, with the little time that I had, and a small inheritance from my late father, I created a website and built up some stock.


The greatest challenge is time and time is running out. I can build Unicorn Cafe myself but to grow a business organically takes a long time and I want to provide a space for my customers sooner than that. I have customers that ask me frequently and regularly about a shop. I want to give that to them. I also want to provide a space to learn how to cope with challenges of climate change and how to restore the land and live a regenerative life. This is why this task has become urgent. People need to learn now and Unicorn Cafe needs this space to provide that.


Unicorn Cafe is destined to be a magical space where people can do their shopping in a zero waste store. It will be a place to enjoy colourful and delicious plant based food with ingredients sourced ethically and locally where possible. The greatest gift of all is the community centre where people can come together to enjoy cultural activities like poetry, dance and music. They can maintain a healthy lifestyle by attending yoga, exercise and meditation classes and they can learn. With hands on and practical workshops that range from growing your own food, reconditioning soil with resources at hand to how to make energy and manage water – this training will equip people with the skills needed to face climate change challenges head on and survive together as a tightly knit community.


Income will be generated from sale of food, drinks and tickets for the workshops. Each ticket sold to attend a workshop will pay for two people. One for the purchaser, and one for someone who really needs it like a disdvantaged community member battling to find empoyment because of lack of skills and work available. Climate change is everyone’s fight and together we can walk far into the future.


The funds I am requesting is to buy a large house on Koerberg road in Milnerton and to renovate it into the space I need to host a cafe, community centre and grocery store. The tipping point amount allows me to at least rent a space large enough for a full year until I can afford to buy premises on my own.


It would be a shame to plant a food forest and then have to move again so that is why I want to buy property so that I can maintain an orchard and the vegetable gardens I have created by improving the soil quality.


I have so much knowledge and experience and I know I can transform people into a healthy lifestyle through a fun and informative experience.



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