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History on July

Julius Caesar

On the 15th of March 44 BCE, the senators of Rom assassinated Julius Caesar because Ceasar’s elevated dictatorship sparked anger in elites. These elites conspired against him.  After Julius’ death, the Roman senate renamed the month Quintilus, meaning 5th monht, to Lulius. July replaces Lulius.

Why was Quintilis known as the fifth month when we all know it is the 7th month of the year? Well, that is because the winter months were not counted in the Roman calendar. They were like a big gap in the year and March was the first month. This was in the Northern hemisphere. Under Julius Caesar’s rule, the Roman calendar then became the Julian calendar to align the calendar with the seasons.


Finally, in October 1582, Pope Gregory XIII adjusted the calendar and this is the calendar we still use today. This new Gregorian calendar accounted for leap years and the term ‘Anno Domini’ (AD) meaning year of our lord was introduced at that time.

In today’s times, before the common/current era (BCE) and common/current era (CE) is the preferred use by academics, non-Christians and those who respect biodiversity.

July Currently

Mandela Day

July in 2018 is proving to be quite an influential month of the year. Firstly, because we celebrate Mandela day on the 18th of July. People like you, dedicate 67 minutes of time to community service on Mandela Day. Mandela Day is a call to action emphasizing that the individual has the power to make an impact to transform the world to a better place. Positive change is made by wonderful events out there and we can also experience the gratification that volunteer work provides. Find an activity that calls to you by scrolling down to our events calendar.




Secondly, ‘Plastic Free July‘  is a global movement to dramatically reducing use of plastic and improving recycling.  Citizens all over the world are called to address one of the biggest environmental issues we are facing now. Plastic is a massive issue we are facing in the Holocene Extinction period and this is why we are now refusing plastic in July and trying to go plastic free.

I will expand a bit about the global movement, #BreakFreeFromPlastic in this newsletter.

Business Update

Unicorn Cafe is using the services of a business coach to help us achieve our dreams of opening a zero waste store. Our business plan is being refined and all our numbers and books are being brought up to date because we hope to find an investor.


Yours in creating a regenerative community
The Unicorn Cafe Team

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Written by Aimee Hoppe
Activist for freedom of all earthlings and preservation of planet earth. Writing for positive change to empower through education so all earthlings can live harmoniously and freely. Supplier of some eco alternatives to mainstream unethical products.