Vermicast Benefits for Soil & Plants
Plant Nutrition
• Enhances the available nutrient potential in the soil and makes it plant available;
• A valuable natural source of macro and micro-nutrients.
Enhanced efficiency of water use
• Increases water holding capacity of the soil, reducing irrigation
frequency and increasing stress tolerance during harsh
conditions (watershed friendly).
Gibberellic Acid
• Stimulates rapid stem and root growth and increases seed
germination rates;
• Used in viticulture to induce the production of larger bunches of
bigger fruit, and has application in all fruit production
industries (particularly seedless varieties).
Humic Acid
• High content: more than 5% by weight;
• Makes nutrient delivery more efficient over an extended period.
Soil Inoculation
• Vermicast delivers robust and diverse microbial populations
(adding phosphatase and cellulase) into the soil;
• A complete soil ecosystem in a bag: Enhances soil fertility by
fostering the development of complementary soil microorganisms
and attracting beneficial soil creatures.
Effective Bio-Stimulant
• Accelerated root initiation, establishment and development (by
adding plant hormones such at auxins and gibberellic acid);
• Encourage bridging into native soils and nutrient uptake;
• Enhancing germination, plant growth and crop yields.
Soil disease and pest suppression
• On-going tests show a potential mode of action interferes with
pathogens’ access to plant roots.
• Foliar spray shows anecdotal evidence for mildew and fungal
suppression, and reduction in insect damage.
Through implementing a program of adding vermicast and vermicast
compost blend to increase the organic content of the soil, a 25%
increase in yield with a 50% reduction in inputs costs have been
achieved. Results recorded by a greenhouse grower producing peppers
and eggplants in soils previously plagued by high salinity levels.

Available in
25ltr Bags & 1m3 Bulk


You can purchase your Urban Farms vermicast online,  by clicking here

Within Urban Farms’ tightly controlled environment, their worms produce  100% pure vermicast that strengthens the chemical, physical and biological aspects of the soil around your plant’s root zone.
Urban Farms recycles commercial food waste into a powerful ameliorant that improves soil health and the health, vigour and strength of your plants. Stronger plants & better yields from the soil up!
Urban Farms Recycling work together with their worms to produce  vermicast in large volumes from recycled food waste streams at their farms in Joubert Park & Modderfontein, Johannesburg. Urban Farms proprietary systems and vermiculture processes allows them to transform the city’s food  waste into certified organic and 100% pure vermicast or worm castings. Delivering enhanced plant growth, health and yields through a granular or liquid application to customers in agriculture, turf, landscaping and  maintenance sectors.

Urban Farms Recycling have consistently seen the benefit of vermicast applications with their own vegetable, vine, turf & tree trials and in their  customers results. Urban Farm’s staff have a vegetable garden and they have never had to spray against pests nor add any fertilisers. The staff apply only a handful of vermicast per seedling when planting and an occasional foliar feed with liquified vermicast during the growing season.  Our staff harvest a consistent supply of the highest quality vegetables year round and the soil in our “test” garden is an incredibly heathy ecosystem. One of the great benefits of a consistent application of liquid vermicast foliar feed, is that you benefit from the pest fighting qualities of the beneficial microbes but you also improve and rehabilitate the overall ecology of your soil at the same time.
As a result, over time your inputs in terms of fertilisers and water naturally decrease. This translates into reduced input costs, with greater yields being achieved from crops that are healthy and increasingly pest resistant.

Urban Farms understands that this does constitute a shift from the traditional method of farming with fertilisers. A phased approach is recommended to the incorporation of vermicast into your methods and programs but Urban Farms ultimately believes it will become pillar on which future “best practice” will be based in a sustainable agriculture system.
Urban Farms Recycling are happy to work together with your team to integrate vermicast into your growing programs, to improve crop and soil health, and over time unlock savings in your input costs and water usage.

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Written by Aimee Hoppe
Activist for freedom of all earthlings and preservation of planet earth. Writing for positive change to empower through education so all earthlings can live harmoniously and freely. Supplier of some eco alternatives to mainstream unethical products.