In a world where it costs money merely to exist, it is easy to see how greed often drowns out ethics. To live in a way that is completely harmonious with the environment is extremely daunting to a person who was raised in the coventional western world. Ecosia has a solution.

Often, when we think about the consequences of our actions, we become remarkably overwhelmed that many people give up before they have even begun to change anything. I get it. It’s taken me 38 long years to get where I am and I’m not even nearly as environmentally friendly as I want to be. It’s a long journey but everything starts with a single step.

I want to stress here that it is better to make small manageable changes than do nothing at all. Start slowly and start easy and over time, you can add small changes into your daily routine.

Maybe you don’t recycle yet for whatever reason, or you just aren’t ready to change your diet or perhaps you cannot avoid plastic bags right now – we understand that making changes can be like swimming against the tide.

If we may suggest one small change, it will be using Ecosia as your search engine.

Using Ecosia as your search engine is like picking low hanging fruit from the environmentally conscious tree. If you were going to Google something, try using Ecosia instead to search. You are going to search anyway so all you are doing is using different software which costs you nothing.

So why is this worth mentioning?

Ecosia uses 80% of it’s profits to donate to organisations that plant trees. With the world in threat of desertification, this is an important undertaking that our planet needs.

When you search with Ecosia, you can see how many trees they have planted and you can also see how many trees Ecosia have planted based on your actions alone. Check the top right hand corner of your Ecosia browser. You can download the app to your mobile phone or you can add the extension to your chrome browser. At the time of writing this, Ecosia have planted a colossal twenty-nine million, one hundred and forty-six thousand,five hundred and thirteen trees. (29,146,513)

Go to to search for whatever you want. It’s that easy.
The video below will give information on how Ecosia works in one minute and 46 seconds.

Enjoy! It feels good to be part of something exceptional.

Written by Aimee Hoppe