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Pesto Princess is here

Pesto Princess
Pesto Princess is here

Pesto Princess staff spend their days making fresh, preservative – free pesto sauces & pastes by hand and cooking vegan soups. These are sold through retail chains and food distributors across South Africa. We still use our original pesto recipe, created 19 years ago, which is highly concentrated, so a little sauce goes a long way. We make our pesto exactly as you would in your own kitchen: by destalking the basil, using only the soft leaves to produce a creamy sauce. .
This way we guarantee there are no ‘nasties’ in your product.
We take full responsibility for the impact our business has on the planet and its people and give sustainable farming practices the royal thumbs up.
We buy our herbs from small-scale farmers wherever possible, who use organic sprays for pest control, and farm sustainably. We love local, and for that reason have ditched the pine nut in favour of cashews and almonds which are grown closer to home.
We use glass jars since they are the best keeper of food products and can be recycled.

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2 thoughts on “Pesto Princess is here

  1. I absolutely love your products and thank goodness you still use the same recipes!
    Are your bottles being reused? I have so many pesto bottles and do not want to add them to our other recycling..


    1. I will contact Pesto Princess and get back to you.

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