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August is the time to plant :

– Beetroot seeds
– Borage seeds
– Cape Gooseberry seeds
– Capiscu,/Sweet Peppers seeds
– Carrot seeds
– Cauliflower seeds
-Celery seeds
– Chicory seeds
– Corn Salad seeds
– Corn Maize seeds
– Dill seedlings
– Eggplant seeds
– Endive seeds
– Jerusalem Artichoke seeds
– Leek seeds
– Lemon Balm seedlings
– Lettuce seeds
– Mustard greens/Cress seeds
– NZ Spinach seeds
– Onion seeds
– Parsnip seeds
– Pea seeds
– Potatoes
– Radish seeds
– Rhubarb seeds
– Sage seeds
– Shallot seedlings
– Strawberry seedlings
– Strawberry plants
– Swedes/Rutabagas seeds
– Sweet Potatoes
– Swiss Chard seeds
– Tomatillo seedlings
– Tomato seeds
– Turnip seeds
– Zucchini/Courgette seeds

August is a busy sowing month for early summer crops.
Fresh seeds are better for early sowings if conditions are not ideal. Sowings should be made shallow especially with cucurbits. Pay attention to the soil moisture as the ground is still cold. Cucumbers, squash and marrows can be grown under protection or towards the end of the month, directly outdoors. Slugs and snails will be active so be on the look-out.

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