Our packaging policy is inspired by Lauren Singer. We find her zero waste lifestyle truly inspirational and although we can’t ship products without packaging, we do use compostable containers. We’ve also adopted the old milk bottle system – using jars that you can bring back for refills.

I came across Lauren’s story a couple of years ago and some of you may have watched her TED Talk or read about her before.  The jar she is holding in the picture contains all the trash she produced in three years. Crazy, don’t you think? It seems impossible, but here she is, saying it’s doable. Small changes in the right direction make for an excellent start.  Lauren is an environmental studies graduate from New York University and former sustainability manager at the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

She has also inspired us to develop our own range of house brand cleaning products that are biodegradable and make grey water suitable for watering your plants. This includes washing powder, hard soap, liquid soap and dishwashing liquid, to mention a few. These products are still in the process of being listed on our website, but if you would like to place an order, you can email us at aimee@unicorncafe.co.za, and we’ll get on it right away.

We also stock FreshBags – durable, lightweight, reusable bags that you can use to pack and weigh loose fruit and veg at the supermarket.  They’re a great alternative to the single-use plastic bags found in the fruit and veg sections of most everyday grocery stores.



NEW STOCK: FreshBags (approximately 26cm x 24cm) are made from a lightweight nylon mesh.

You can use them for weighing loose fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, and they are fully reusable. Did you know that the bags on a roll in the fruit and veg section of regular grocery stores are usually  not recycled in this area? They are far more likely to end up in a landfill. Unfortunately, there is no giant vacuum that can suck our garbage into an alternate dimension, but you can order your FreshBags from aimee@unicorncafe.co.za for R60 each.

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Written by Aimee Hoppe
Activist for freedom of all earthlings and preservation of planet earth. Writing for positive change to empower through education so all earthlings can live harmoniously and freely. Supplier of some eco alternatives to mainstream unethical products.